Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

We offer HVAC designing, supply, installation and maintenance for high rise tower buildings, villas, offices , schools, hospitals, shed structures, central air conditioning, chilled water systems, VRF type units, DX systems, control circuit for server room, ductworks, ventilation, and dehumidifiers.


Electrical Works

We provide all electrical works, including lighting, power, switch gears, low-voltage cables, lightning and earthing, generators, bus bar risers, high-voltage works, and other related services.


Plumbing Works

We undertake all types of sanitary works, water supply, and drainage works related to buildings, factories, warehouses, clubs, etc., including stormwater drainage, solar water heaters, central filtration, and central heating systems.


Low-Voltage Works

We offer a comprehensive range of ELV Systems, including Lighting Control, Public Address, Structural Cables System, Audio-Video Control, CCTV, Access Control, and more. Additionally, we specialize in Low Current Systems such as Fire Alarm, Central Battery, and Voice Evacuation.